To Trump Supporters, From Your One Black Friend

Are you someone who is voting for Donald Trump, and you have a couple of black friends or acquaintances? Do you think racism is something that doesn’t really matter, because if someone works hard they can “overcome” it? Are you a relatively good person, someone who says, “I can’t be racist! I have a black (friend, coworker, ex-boyfriend, etc)!” This is for you.

If you are voting for Trump, you’re voting for:

– someone who has appealed to your sense of white nationalism and nostalgia

– someone who would use the force of the state against people like me, because our skin color makes us suspicious (I am not suspicious)

– a Republican party who believes black people and “certain groups” should not have the right to vote

– someone who hates women and wants to use legislation to “punish” us

– an oppressive, dictatorial anti-Semite (yep, that one)

“Your vote supports a position that is in direct conflict with my very existence.”

You are voting for hatred, for elitism, and for the celebration of power. There is no “better trade” or “more jobs” about it; that is just filler. White nationalism is the underpinning of this entire campaign (who do you think he wants to “take back America” from?).

Are you saying “no, that’s not true!” because you are a good person? Well, “good people” can be racists. (If you are really fighting this idea, you might want to look up “implicit bias” because we’re going to be hearing that term a lot.)

As much as I’d like to write this post and say, “You’re a racist, goodbye!” I have lived and worked with people like you all my life, and I know that most people who are racist do not know it. They cannot see the subtext or the dog whistles, they love their kids and family and they go to church and volunteer sometimes, and at this point they are truly confused. This will help:

Your vote supports a position that is in direct conflict with my very existence. Your black friend — the one you have lunch with sometimes, the one you’ve invited to your house, the one you’re so nice to, except that you’re voting for Trump — I already know this about you. Call it “racist radar.” But at this point, you’ve lost the right to even look me in the eye.

Maybe I’m your coworker, maybe I’m that one person you went to school with, maybe I’m that one girl you dated once a long time ago who wouldn’t let you touch her hair. Maybe I’m that distant family member somebody married or adopted. But every time you think of me, you should remember what you’re voting for. You should know that you’re voting to cause suffering to people, millions of people. You should know that a vote for Donald Trump is a vote against me.

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